Civilizational Immune Systems

Civilizational Immune Systems

In a recent call to arms [], software magnate Marc Andreessen remarked on widespread inability to respond swiftly, let alone appropriately, to the onset of pandemic: > [...] the harsh reality...

Mutual Aid for Mutuals

Edit: Finished, at least for now. Thank you so much to everyone who donated! > I added up the total donations: $4,954 that number isn't actually 100% precisely perfect, due to 1) paypal fees, which were inscrutably inconsistent, perhaps based on account types? or could be the other factor: 2) various currencies so maybe we...

Please wear a mask and encourage others to do so!

I've been yelling about this on Twitter all day, and I feel honor-bound to spread the message as far as possible. Masks work [] ! Yes, even simple homemade masks. Aerosolized droplets of saliva that would otherwise fly out of your mouth will instead land on the...

Not a feel-good note ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hi. I feel pretty useless right now. What have I got to offer during this crisis? Words, which is all that I ever offer! But hey, you opened the email, so words must have some appeal. Sorry they aren't cheerier ones. Maybe you're stress-bored. Isn't that a strange feeling, buzzing with anxiety and yet under-stimulated?...

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