Sonya Mann, possibilities broker at large. I specialize in vibe-wrangling. Wanna manipulate social reality? Sweet, I'm your girl rabbit. Bona fides: I majored in explore and minored in exploit. Consider subsidizing the show.

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Best Writing

In reverse chronological order.

Title Venue Date
Tale of the Tinker and the Tinker's Tale Wanderverse May, 2022
Completing a Creative Project Sonya Supposedly January, 2022
Aster and Elka Wanderverse October, 2021
Meanderland Wanderverse April, 2021
Are Furries Freaks? Pirate Wires February, 2021
Brutality of Life Reading List (12 Books) Sonya Supposedly September, 2020
Multiplayer Psychosis Sonya Supposedly July, 2020
Thriverism Sonya Supposedly July, 2020
Survivalist Epistemology Sonya Supposedly June, 2020
All you can do is as much as you can. Sonya Supposedly May, 2020
Civilizational Immune Systems Sonya Supposedly April, 2020
Why Cryptocurrency Matters Sonya Supposedly January, 2020
A Cypherpunk Privacy Reading List Zcash Foundation October, 2019
Human Nature Applied Virtually collab with Other Internet October, 2019
Bitcoin at 10 Reason August, 2019
NSFW? collab with Chris Messina July, 2019
Instructions Unclear zine June, 2019
The Internet Won't Kill Gun Control by Itself Palladium March, 2019
Addition to "The Gods of the Copybook Headings" old blog November, 2018
The Conversations that Cryptocurrency Killed Jacobite July, 2018
I Ate Nothing but Meat for 2 Weeks. Here's What It Was Like Inc. February, 2018
Every Book I Read in 2017 old blog January, 2018
Hopefully the Last Update to the Drupal Fiasco old blog October, 2017
Arguing About How the World Should Burn Ribbonfarm May, 2017
Sanity on the Weird Timeline Ribbonfarm March, 2017
The Cyberpunk Sensibility Ribbonfarm October, 2016
Mental Illnesss & Free Will (Or Not) old blog April, 2016
Ambition Requires Delusion old blog January, 2016
"For the most part I didn't enjoy prostitution, but I will tirelessly defend the right to labor legally in the sex industry." Marshall Project October, 2015
Crazy Girl Chic Bustle February, 2015

Mission Statement

or something

Once upon a time there was a huge, chaotic world. It was full of people who didn't understand each other, all rocketing around and colliding, clumps bursting apart and reforming.

Once (upon a time) I wrote that my abiding question is, "How and why do people organize themselves in the way that they do?"

I was right — that is my abiding question. No matter how much I figure out, ample mystery remains. I'll never stop being fascinated by human nature. Fellow man puzzles and obsesses me.