Sonya Mann, possibilities broker at large. Nice to meet you! Bona fides: I majored in explore and minored in exploit.

Sonya Supposedly (this website) is an independent media venture by Sonya Mann. Its subject matter is the nature and shenanigans of humans (including but not primarily the nature and shenanigans of Sonya herself). The editorial values are verve, reverence, and also irreverence.

Do you fuck with the vision? Then fund it. You bring the capital, I'll bring the culture šŸ˜‰

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Mission Statement

or something

Once upon a time there was a huge, chaotic world. It was full of people who didn't understand each other, all rocketing around and colliding, clumps bursting apart and reforming.

Once (upon a time) I wrote that my abiding question is, "How and why do people organize themselves in the way that they do?"

I was right ā€” that is my abiding question. No matter how much I figure out, ample mystery remains. I'll never stop being fascinated by human nature. Fellow man puzzles and obsesses me.