Hi, this is Sonya, or so everyone says... I'm halfway convinced.


Occasionally I send meandering notes about my personal growth and creative endeavors, plus links that pique my curiosity.



Title Venue Date
What is God? Sonya Supposedly October 2022
Completing a Creative Project Sonya Supposedly November 2021
Are Furries Freaks? Pirate Wires February 2021
Brutality of Life Reading List (12 Books) Sonya Supposedly September 2020
Multiplayer Psychosis Sonya Supposedly July 2020
Thriverism Sonya Supposedly July 2020
Survivalist Epistemology Sonya Supposedly June 2020
All you can do is as much as you can. Sonya Supposedly May 2020
Civilizational Immune Systems Sonya Supposedly April 2020
Why Cryptocurrency Matters Sonya Supposedly January 2020
Bitcoin at 10 Reason August 2019
Arguing About How the World Should Burn Ribbonfarm May 2017
Sanity on the Weird Timeline Ribbonfarm March 2017
The Cyberpunk Sensibility Ribbonfarm October 2016