Hi, I'm Sonya — well, at least supposedly 😉 I describe myself as:

  • a writer
  • a curious person
  • an incorrigible dilettante

My abiding question, the question I'm always asking:

How and why do people organize themselves in the ways that they do?

There are many answers! The topic spans human nature, incentives (both economic and otherwise), complex systems and emergent order, practical epistemology, memetics, microeconomics, ingroup-outgroup dynamics... I could probably go on. Niche subcultures are a particular fascination of mine 😍

Professionally, I run communications at the Zcash Foundation. My old portfolio links to most of my writing. Here's my current portfolio page.

I am not available for freelance projects unless you want to pay me gobs of money, like seriously it had better be a lot. Otherwise I'm too busy.


The best way to keep up with my doings is by subscribing to my newsletter, which goes out monthly-ish (sometimes more, sometimes less).

Check out my old homepage for a longer "About Sonya" explanation.