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z2zPM: Happy New Year, Adieu!

Last edition of z2z Public Messages [https://www.sonyasupposedly.com/z2z-public-messages/]. Tuesday, December 31, 2019 > Happy New Year 🥳 Reply to: zs1spkudmpjq2c89z03vuyldcptddfde562kwxm36hgnj7uzes9p92k8q4tuq40vzlqjugqy7upfc3 Thank you, festive stranger! Aaand... that's a wrap, folks. It's been fun hosting z2z Public Messages, but I'm cleaning house to prepare for 2020. Frankly, I want...

z2z Public Messages

Closed [https://www.sonyasupposedly.com/z2zpm-happy-new-year-adieu/] on January 3, 2020. Do you want to publish an anonymous note? Zcash can protect your identity, and I will post the message on this website [https://www.sonyasupposedly.com/tag/z2z-public-messages/]. When using ZEC, always be mindful of your general privacy and security [https://z.cash/support/security/...

z2zPM: Impeachment

If you aren't familiar with z2z Public Messages, click here [https://www.sonyasupposedly.com/z2z-public-messages/]. Wednesday, December 18, 2019 "I know a lot of ppl who are coming back to earth and realizing the President is not gonna be removed from office and they're super depressed. If you're...

z2zPM: A Portal to the Future from the Past

z2z Public Messages, what is that [https://www.sonyasupposedly.com/z2z-public-messages/]? 😉 Thursday, December 5, 2019 "'Все должны быть познающими и всё должно быть предметом знания.' – Николай Федорович Федоров""'Everyone must be cognitive and everything must be the subject of knowledge.' - Nikolai Fedorovich Fedorov"I suspect that...

z2zPM: Epstein Didn't Kill Himself

click here to learn about z2z Public Messages [https://www.sonyasupposedly.com/z2z-public-messages/] Monday, November 11, 2019 > Thank you for all that you do for Zcash! > p.s. Epstein didn't kill himself! Reply to: zs1l6uk24ken5ms8srz7zgky54rw950p8a43hhkn84t6qq2nvdenz2g67cyhz234etc3wxp6zclk4q Thank you for the sweet note! Also... yeah....

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