Edit: Finished, at least for now. Thank you so much to everyone who donated!

Hi, I'm Sonya, AKA @sonyasupposedly.

In these uncertain times, people are running out of cash. Not you? That's awesome, I'm glad to hear it! Please pitch in β€” help me to help our friends.

The promised $1,200 relief check may end up in people's pockets, eventually, but it ain't there yet. Bills pile up and prescriptions go unfilled. People aren't getting hours because work isn't allowed to open, they're struggling to even reach the unemployment office, they're begging the bank to process their application for small business relief faster. Or they're just poor β€” would you be eager to visit the food bank right now?

How It Works

1) You send money to me, because you trust that I won't run off with it. (If you don't trust me, don't send any money.) Donate via one of these links:

  • [redacted]

Suggested donation: $5 if you can afford that, $10 if you can afford that, $20 if you can afford that, etc. Whatever you can contribute is fantastic! Thank you for your generosity!

2) I give the money away to people who fill out this form:

[redacted / closed]

First come, first served, assuming minimum viable credibility. I plan to dispense the funds in $50 – $100 chunks.