Closed on January 3, 2020.

Do you want to publish an anonymous note? Zcash can protect your identity, and I will post the message on this website.

When using ZEC, always be mindful of your general privacy and security.

How to Submit

1) Download and sync ZecWallet,

2) obtain some ZEC, and then

3) send a shielded memo to this Zcash address: zs19detzz6l3yag6fjwu2vtjg2p5dv8lfs8hw70mt29g378l2kgvt796plhhlyzyfzjndww6mtt7ag

You must send a minimum of 0.005 ZEC. I will periodically donate the accumulated ZEC to Open Privacy, including a shielded memo so that Open Privacy can corroborate that a donation was made. Donations will either be recorded on this page, or I'll link to a record elsewhere.* (Andrew Miller generated a viewing key.)

Whatever you type in the shielded memo will be posted on this website. You can include a reply-to address if you want, and I'll publish that as well. Updates happen when I notice new transactions, so usually within a couple of days.


Do not assume that I endorse any of the shielded memos that people have submitted. If you want to know what I think about something, ask me directly.

If you send a shielded memo that could get me in legal trouble, or that violates Ghost's Terms of Service (particularly the "Responsibility of Users" section), then I will not post it. For the sake of transparency, I will add a note on this page whenever I receive a message that I don't feel comfortable posting, with a brief description of why it was unacceptable.

I commit to ensuring that z2z Public Messages are reliably archived, even if I decide to stop hosting this service.

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