Last edition of z2z Public Messages.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year 🥳

Reply to: zs1spkudmpjq2c89z03vuyldcptddfde562kwxm36hgnj7uzes9p92k8q4tuq40vzlqjugqy7upfc3

Thank you, festive stranger!

Aaand... that's a wrap, folks. It's been fun hosting z2z Public Messages, but I'm cleaning house to prepare for 2020. Frankly, I want to remove this responsibility from my plate to make room for everything else, including new projects.

(Cleaning house... on a plate. Yeah, put that in your pipe and smoke it! I hope your pipe is enormous because otherwise the house-plate won't fit.)

I hope there will be an automated replacement for z2z Public Messages in 2020!

If people continue sending ZEC to zs19detzz6l3yag6fjwu2vtjg2p5dv8lfs8hw70mt29g378l2kgvt796plhhlyzyfzjndww6mtt7ag, that's fine. I'll just keep it, lol. Also, the viewing key remains available.

Final donation to Open Privacy:

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