Schmancy artistic pamphlets created and published by Sonya Mann.

Prelude to Adornment

Prelude to Adornment

Two commissions are included in Adornment, the next zine [https://www.sonyasupposedly.com/tag/zines/]. The following showcase is a sneak peek, or a teaser... depending on your perspective 😉 The brief was "decoration, frippery,...

Dispatches from Delirium

Dispatches from Delirium

Your companion, that dear provocateur, the Other. What do they think of you? What do you think of them? How titillating, the space between you, the space that constitutes the World. All three, constantly in relationship.

A year of zines 📬

Hello friends! Happy New Year! 2020 will be wild, I'm sure of that. But don't worry, we can weather it together 🤗☔💃 This year I'm going to focus on one big creative project. Playful, experimental, and flexible, but still pretty ambitious! (No, not a book. Not yet.) I was all...

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