I quit my day job! Leaving is bittersweet, since I still adore the Zcash Foundation team. But after my longest-ever tenure at a single organization — almost exactly two years — it's time to do my own thing.

What might that be? Synthesizing these two statements:

  1. "The future has to be beautiful enough to want." — Simon Sarris
  2. "Create artifacts that work for your audience." — Nadia Eghbal

I'm going to create, I'm going to commission others to create, and I'm going to share the results with you. A handful of collaborations are in the works right now, to be published in the coming weeks and months. (!!!!)

In terms of format the output will roughly look like, ahhh, 😒 "internet posts" largely collected on "a website," 🤪 but c'mon isn't it a bit déclassé to say that in so many words? 😉

My fundamental question remains the same: How and why do people organize themselves in the ways that they do? What is the shape of human nature, the history of its contours? People, man, what on earth makes them tick?

As with most things, it depends! No compendium of biological schematics can rival a living organism, but nonetheless dissection is a revealing practice.

I do realize that it seems nuts to abandon a steady paycheck given, y'know, the state of the world. I've been fruitfully struggling to explain:

Unhinged Previous Drafts
Announcing that you quit your job during the early days of a pandemic-provokedrecession (depression?) that is progressively pervading Pangaea — well, it takessome trial and error ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The following texts coevolved but were abandoned at various points. Hence thedetails may diverge, and some …

Ultimately it is folly to attempt persuasion. The raw truth is that I trust my gut, and my gut says now is the right time. Compulsive instinct is not the same as blind faith — my gut is highly attuned! — but clarity of conviction is an individual experience.

My gut also says that you (well, enough of you) will be excited about this prospect as well. Here's how I put it on my refreshed about page:

Do you fuck with the vision? Then fund it.

Membership costs $13.50 per month or $135 per year (two-month discount). Sign up by clicking on this link, then continuing to follow instructions.

There is existing members-only work to explore:

Gutsy + Smoochtown
Gutsy, a zine about confidence, and Smoochtown, a phantasmagoric Valentine’s Day zine.
Dispatches from Delirium
Your companion, that dear provocateur, the Other. What do they think of you? What do you think of them? How titillating, the space between you, the space that constitutes the World. All three, constantly in relationship.
Prelude to Clandestine Motives
The nature of conspiracy, is it benevolent or malign? In any case it comprises partitioning; an endeavor to set apart. A new cell spawned with bespoke blueprint.

But if you're not enticed yet, that's fine! Stick around. Marathon not a sprint and all that.

USA-based members will receive a printed zine every month, whereas international subscribers are stuck with the bum deal of digital-only. It was this or nothing, at least for the time being.

You're used to being charged an arm and a leg for shipping, now try paying the same price as everybody else but getting less in exchange! Seriously though, if this implementation of international inclusion is something that sounds worth the asking price, be my very welcome guest 💖

For those of you based in the United States, especially if you're not keen on subscriptions, I do have something else to offer...

Clandestine Motives

Joy in secret and the joy of secrets; hidden sanctuary and the horror of its exposure; cards held close to the chest for reasons that are nobody else's business, but here take a peek anyway 👀

My latest zine is now available for purchase! The price is $23 and shipping is free. Net proceeds will be donated to Open Privacy and Mother Trust Org.

Clandestine Motives
Joy in secret and the joy of secrets; hidden sanctuary and the horror of its exposure; cards held close to the chest for reasons that are nobody else’s business, but here take a peek anyway 👀. 26 pages, 7″ square, full color, 271 gsm. Only available within the United States, sorry! Net proceeds wil…

(If you were already a ✨ Sonya Supposedly member 💫 before receiving this email, please be aware that your copy is on its way to you in the mail!)

Phew, okay, that was a lot. But wait, two last things:

Suggestions for Sonya
What should I write / make / commission / investigate / [fill in the blank]? What topics or themes are intriguing? Type your answer below! Feel free to comment as well, especially to +1 other people’ suggestions. ----- > start here <
Anyone can comment on this Google doc. Also, AMA, I guess?

Thank you for reading to the end! Kbye, talk soon.

Wild Flowers by Mark Anthony, 1857, via the Met.

The header image is Red Parrot on the Branch of a Tree, a woodblock print designed by Itō Jakuchū.