Hello friends! Ahhh, I have so much to tell you, because I'm terrible at sending this newsletter regularly. Without any further ado, in order of what I want you to know about the most...


The last time you heard from me, I was selling physical copies of Instructions Unclear. Good news — the zine is now available for free online!


I wrote a review of Digital Cash by Finn Brunton — read "Bitcoin at 10" on Reason's website. Teaser quote:

We who are invested in digital cash — financially, ideologically, or otherwise — tend to be dreamers. We are cynical about incumbent systems but starry-eyed enough to hope that remaking the world's economic foundations will fix everything else too. It may be grandiose to imagine that this is possible, but the imagining is what fuels efforts toward concrete progress.


I "rebranded" my online presence, in the sense that I changed my default handle from sonyaellenmann to sonyasupposedly.

Also, since writing that blog post, I switched this newsletter from Buttondown to Revue. The latter integrates with Ghost better. I still love Buttondown, though, and I'll keep using it at work.

Downsides of Revue: 1) I can't write in Markdown, 2) there's no https on the landing page, 3) the image quality is notably worse, and 4) I can't turn off link-tracking 😔


I started a Zcash-related project called z2z Public Messages, and blogged about it.


Here are some thoughts about media ethics that I am too lazy to summarize, so click through if you find this screenshot intriguing:

Spoiler: I rag on Matty Yglesias and Farhad Manjoo specifically.


I collaborated with Chris Messina on an exploration of sexuality and social norms:

Why did Chris Messina and Sonya Mann have a conversation about sexuality and social norms? Before now, the two had never even chatted online. Why discuss such a taboo topic and then publish their…


Alexey Guzey wrote a sort of instructional manual called "How to make friends over the internet." It's good! And it quotes an effortpost of mine from /r/slatestarcodex, which is obviously flattering.

Bye 👋

That's it. I have a new project in the works, so hopefully I'll be in touch about that soon! (Famous last words?) L8r.