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Friday, September 27, 2019

"'We were brash and we were bold, but we were right' ♪♫♬"

That's a lyric from "Never Leave Me" by Avicii:

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The link goes to an article by Sixten Hodler:

HyperZcashization is a Zcash induced fiat currency demonetization.

Come for the zebra tardigrades. (Did Zooko commission that painting and I missed it?) Stay for sentences like, "It wasn't until several years, in 2014, that a bunch of absolute gangsters came up with a feasible alternative to RSA: zk-SNARKs (Ben-Sasson, et al., 2014)."

I've met most of the cryptographers who enabled Zcash — calling them "absolute gangsters" is correct in the math realm and incorrect in every other possible way. But I love it 😂

Y'know, speaking of brash and bold, here's another quote:

The process of HyperZcashization is inexorable because the state cannot ban Zcash, i.e., restrict competition. Zcash don't care about borders. As long as there is at least one person able to send and receive packets in a given country, the fiat currency of that country will eventually fall victim to HyperZcashization. Moreover, HyperZcashization does not depend on monetary and fiscal mismanagement — the exchange rates of fiat currencies can remain stable relative to each other — HyperZcashization will pulverize all of the exchange rates. Simultaneously. PERIOD.

Zcash maximalists are emerging 👀

I love this paragraph:

The underlying point of Zcash is not that everything should be private. Rather, individuals should have control over how much they reveal, and to whom. In other words, Zcash provides users with the power to select which portion of their transaction history, if any, they disclose to various actors.

Privacy = autonomy and consent.