My recent zine Instructions Unclear is available as a free PDF! Fair warning, the file is almost 200 megabytes. Now that you know what you're clicking on, here's the full, high-res manuscript ☺️

You can also peek into the pocket that I attached to the back of every physical copy! That embellishment came out exactly how I wanted it to:

I attached every single one of those little envelopes by hand. Was it unbelievably time-consuming? Yes. Do I love how the zines turned out? Also yes.
"How do communities work?" is a question that has long fascinated me, and rituals are a surprisingly integral part. As I wrote in the introduction: "Once you start thinking about rituals, everything looks like one. What is formulaic yet sacred? So much, it turns out."
The original version of an illustration that was included in the zine.

Header photo by Jonathan Lidbeck.