So hey, what is next? We're all trying to figure that out, right? It's such a fundamental pursuit that I bet I'll regret using up this post title... counterpoint though, who says I can't repeat myself in the future? Move fast and habitually recapitulate whichever creations you liked the most, that's my motto!

(Besides, I already did "Up Next" back in May. Next next next — perhaps I should write about nextness itself and the obsessive anxiety that it provokes in, uh, me at least.)

The header photo is a sneak peek of September's zine, which will actually be a trio of diminutive zines. More on that soon, once I get them printed. That step is imminent! You could even say... next 😉

I have a few post-next (AKA recently published) things to show you. First, Wanderverse updates, hell yeah:

My thanks to Wffl (NSFW link) and Polyducks (also on Twitter) for their participation as visiting artists. Check out the Wanderpath code on GitHub!

And don't forget, you are encouraged to repurpose any part of Wanderverse for whatever idiosyncratic reason may strike your fancy. It's there for you 😁

In other news, I wrote an exegesis of relentlessly rude "satirist" @VCBrags:

@VCBrags, Viciousness, and Pasquale D’Silva
I’m sure Pasquale won’t mind serving as a case study, given his glee at theassociation: > I’m HONORED / BLESSED that some of you Silicon Valley tech dweebs think that Iwas @vcbrags []. To be honest,I’m so dumb about VC, half the jokes from the accou…
Tfw you scoop full-time tech reporters on the juicy gossip.

Lastly, sharing now instead of in a links roundup b/c time-sensitive: Jason Crawford's Study Group for Progress starts on the 13th, and is currently 50% off! Jason reinforces his research with humanist instincts and insights, plus vice versa. Highly recommend if you want to understand how our civilization came to be... or what might come next!

That's all for today. TTYL, friends.