Hi, I'm Sonya, and I make culture for curious people. My editorial values are verve, reverence, and also irreverence. I believe that sometimes I must be tender, and sometimes I must be fierce. Both are necessary.

These days I am focused on myth, metaphysics, and — as always — why people do the various peculiar things that they do. Human nature is my overarching, perennial obsession. What makes people tick? A lot of things, it turns out, all of which are fascinating!

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Instructions Unclear Online
My recent zine Instructions Unclear[https://www.sonyaellenmann.com/instructions-unclear-rituals-zine/] is availableas a free PDF! Fair warning, the file is almost 200 megabytes. Now that you knowwhat you’re clicking on, here’s the full, high-res manuscript[https://www.sonyaellenmann.com/instructions-unclear-rituals-zine/instructions-unclear.pdf…
Bad Thoughts
I decided to release the digital version of my Halloween zine for free, since members [/membership/] will be getting a bonus in November. Ultimately, it’sabout the horror of conscious selfhood — the trauma of sentience. In addition to various papers that I had on hand, I used printables from the…
In Which We Must Agree to Disagree
Surely we can all get along! Right?

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