Hi! Sorry to be emailing you again so soon after the big announcement. Going forward, my plan is to touch base once a week. But this time I can't wait, because Show & Tell is on Friday, and I want to invite you before it happens! The call will begin at 2pm PT / 5pm ET.

Show & Tell
What have you been working on?Show it off! And tell us about it! Or join to cheer on friends and strangers :) Hosted by Sonya Mann, AKA @sonyasupposedly. DATE:Friday, May 8 TIME:• 2pm – 4pm PT• 5pm – 7pm ET Fill out the form below to receive a calendar invite to the video call!
Projects of all sorts are welcome! You should come! Yes, you, silly 😛

Before sharing specific near-term plans, a few miscellaneous items of note:

  1. Consider the Interintellect for topical virtual events, such as "Why Do We Want to Believe in Aliens?"
  2. I've already amassed a smorgasbord of links on the subreddit. If you're bored, jump down the rabbit hole 🐰
  3. My last Zcash Foundation blog post went up: Can a cryptocurrency be considered public infrastructure? (Yes.)
  4. Justin Murphy invited me to Indie Thinkers, and the community is lovely!

Proximate Goals

This Week

  • Give editorial feedback on a short story that I commissioned (likely to be published in June).
  • Finish the adornment zine manuscript and order print copies 🌻
  • Make an actual membership page with some kind of coherent description.

This Month

And more TBD! That's all for now, talk soon 🤗

Header image: An exquisite netsuke from the 19th century, via the Met.

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