I have some work to share and a few other things.

First, one of the other things: If you're a blogger (or whatever), you gotta try Quotebacks. My friends Tom and Toby made this browser extension for saving and embedding quotes from online writing, and I love it. Only available on Chrome currently, but Firefox support is coming soon.

The ultimate goal is to encourage and activate a deeper cross-blogger discusson space. To promote diverse voices and encourage networked writing to flourish.

But, while that's a lofty goal the tool is small and simple. Quotebacks is three things:

  1. A web-native citation standard and quoting UX pattern
  2. A tiny library, quoteback.js, that converts HTML <blockquote> tags into elegant interactive webcomponents
  3. A browser extension to create quoteback components and store any quotes you save to publish later.

Quotebacks are so convenient that I already can't imagine reverting to another form of bookmarking... and that's not even the intended use case! Incredible. Here's the Hacker News thread for optional perusal.

I posted the digital version of Adornment for members:

A zine about aesthetic veneration.

By the way, I'm now shipping zines internationally! If you've been holding back for that reason, it's your lucky day 😉🤗 Unless your country is on this list.

As promised, I wrote up my conversations with @estnihil and Carol Chen:

Tough Crowds
Engaging with a semi-adversarial audience... from cringe humor to tech recruiters and back!

A little while ago, I contributed to Cypherpunk Women, an online anthology about bitcoin. Normally I steer clear of gender-focused projects, but I'm a big fan of collection editor Leigh Cuen. I wrote a short piece called "Intimate Transactions," and made this collage:

"The machines sing for their supper" is my favorite part.

Some thought-provoking links, no particular order:

Lastly, a brief report on the Sonya Supposedly endeavor. A month into my independent quest / quest for independence, I've gathered 43 paying members (among ~1,700 email subscribers total). Thank you for believing in me! 😲🥳

By the way... I must admit that I'm not in love with "membership" to describe what I'm selling, but I haven't come up with a better term. Yet! It's that pesky "making yourself legible to others in a way that they like" conundrum again.

Gross revenue in May was just over $800:

Screenshot from my Stripe dashboard.

I need to multiply that top-line number by 7.5 within the next five months in order to reach my goal of $6,000. Slightly daunting, but not undoable!

Another metric is that 43 members = 8.6% of 500. Almost a tenth of the way there, from my glass-half-full perspective!

Until next time 👋

Bunderful photo by Rennett Stowe.