What a nice place to teeter 😊

Never Coming Down by Simon Curd$12.72 giclée print.

I was kindly hosted on vaunted cryptid analysis podcast the Gaslight Hour. We talked about egregores, most easily described as hive swarms of semi-commandeered human minds.

Do these potentially mystical entities feed on psychic energy? What is psychic energy? Enquiring minds want to know!

(I'll be honest, we definitely discussed egregore nutrition, but I can't quite recall whether psychic energy itself, as a concept, was interrogated. Look... I just want to be sure that I don't commit an act of false advertising!)

"This episode is extremely online for some reason," as the lads put it. "Don't hold on to your pants y'all, throw them out the Overton Window."

That's the sole Content™ item this week. But here's what I've been pondering...

  • Entropy — which there is more of, in every sense, than I realized.
  • British Romanticism; "its all-or-nothing stance on the spontaneity of the highest art, its conviction of the sympathetic connections between nature's organic growth and human creativity, and its passion for individual imagination as an originating force." (I have not restricted myself to the poets — William Morris was a fascinating figure! Pre-Raphaelite painters seem divinely inspired! Etc.) I've been reinventing these ideas for myself without realizing it.
  • The route of the cobblestone path that I will begin to lay soon. Sneak peek / spoiler: I bought wanderverse.org today and brushed up on the CC0 license.

What else is in the pipeline, besides that hint? Glad u asked 😉

I hope to knock out some of those bullet points before emailing you again. Ciao!