Hello again. I hope your week is going well — halfway over already, and we're not dead yet! Keep it up.

Since we last spoke, I answered a few anonymous questions...

Need guidance but not too fussy about qualifications? I'm your gal.

Today I wrote an impromptu manifesto about, more or less, what I think the meaning of life is. "Who you gonna believe, your eyes or your own lying mind?"

For members, I posted the digital version of Before the Garden (featuring Plumule!) as well as a general progress assessment.

Lastly from me, a reminder that the 💖🔮Mystery Zine Bundle🔮💖 is available for $30, with half of all proceeds pledged to charity:

Mystery Zine Bundle
Bundle of 2-3 zines created by Sonya Mann, AKA @sonyasupposedly. Which zines? It's a surprise! See the photos for examples of what you might receive.Shipping is free in the United States and $2.50 everywhere else. Half of all proceeds will be donated to the nonprofits Mother Trust Org and Open P…

Matthew Sweet, author of "Stateless" (the speculative coming-of-age tale commissioned by me, not the Netflix show), has a new book out:

This is more credit than I deserve, but heck, if he's offering...

Ss: Six Short Stories is a steal at $4.99 on Kindle. "A teenager torn between here and there; an orphaned gnome seeking revenge; a dead man asked to help the still-living; a tree longing for its love; the old playing the young's game; a drug compradore that wants out."

Three more links:

How 'bout you? Tell me what you're working on! My address should now autofill when you hit reply, but just in case, it's hello@sonya.email.

L8r ✌️

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