Hello darlings. Yeah, I'll be twee if I want to, bite me. It's seasonally appropriate!

Vampire's Coffin NFT by Crypto Flash.

Nice time to revisit last year's Halloween zine:

Bad Thoughts
I decided to release the digital version of my Halloween zine for free, since members will be getting a bonus in November. Ultimately, it’s about the horror of conscious selfhood — the trauma of sentience. In addition to various papers that I had on hand, I used printables from the Etsy
"Your guts know what the skeleton doesn't and what the brain refuses to hear."

Quick newsletter today, I just have a note for members and then a few links.

The note: If you still haven't received September happy mail, please let me know! Recently an envelope came back in this sorry state:

Dunno who was supposed to receive this package, since the label sticker got ripped off. How, why?! That's shipping for ya. (Return address is not my home, don't worry.)

I try to use sturdy envelopes, but I keep waffling about whether to switch to padded plastic. It feels like overkill when presumably this doesn't happen most of the time?? I sure hope not. Maybe overkill is the right choice here, I'm torn about it. No pun intended 😭 But like, most of the mail that I personally receive is totally fine without armor! Idk idk idk.


Aster and Elka
Heartbreak is a collective.
Wanderverse installment 🌀
Bright Mists About the Mountains Hoar
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Posts that I see fit to share:

it do be that way

Lastly, the audiovisual experiences:

Enuff 4 now, l8r ✌️🐰