I decided to release the digital version of my Halloween zine for free, since members will be getting a bonus in November. Ultimately, it's about the horror of conscious selfhood — the trauma of sentience.

In addition to various papers that I had on hand, I used printables from the Etsy shops RomanticaArts, luiseHEINZL, and LaGreenWitch.

Now buckle up, here we go!

💀🎃💀 Bad 💀🎃💀 Thoughts 💀🎃💀
Your guts are always talking to your eyes. Your guts are always talking.
And your eyes talk back to say what you've seen. Your eyes say what they've seen.
"You" won't get out of the loop.
Versailles of the mind, decadent echoes of mirrors murmuring without end. Mirrors murmuring and murmuring and murmuring back and forth to each other.
Your guts know what the skeleton doesn't and what the brain refuses to hear.
You've always, always been trapped in mortal danger; that's life!
No feel-good message. No escape. No surrender.
Stay scared because you ought to be.
The sole escape is slaughtering "you." "You" can't ever leave the jar.
The gut keeps its fierce watch, hoping for safety.
Sure, we all want to relax, but safety? Safety?!!
AIN'T NO SUCH THING. Never was...
You and the lion are both stuck in cages. The beast is ensnared likewise.
But his, at least, unlocks.
Created by yours truly.

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