As in, for our own sakes is why we should agree to disagree. (It'll make sense in a second.) I do genuinely believe that, you know! I believe it so hard that it frustrates me to no end that many people don't, which is ironic.

Has anyone tried turning off society and then turning it back on again? Maybe a fresh install would help? Oh wait, that's a revolution, and those can be hit or miss... yikes.

Where I'm going with this: I decided to upgrade the Mystery Zine Bundle with a bonus zine! Why? Frankly because I want to sell more of them. (If you already purchased, fear not — the augmented bundle is currently on its way to you.)

The price remains $30, but instead of 2-3 zines, each bundle now includes 3-4 zines. One of which is guaranteed to be the new bonus, called In Which We Must Agree to Disagree.

I love how the back cover turned out.

In the same spirit of commercial experimentation, the digital version is available publicly 4 free:

In Which We Must Agree to Disagree
Surely we can all get along! Right?
Warning, somewhat cryptic and weird.

Naturally, though, I advocate that you buy a bundle. Or sign up for membership — in early August, members will receive In Which We Must Agree to Disagree along with the main July zine. That one is Encounters with a Siren, cowritten with GPT-3 (via AI Dungeon's Dragon Model):

Tantalizing preview of Encounters with a Siren 😉

What else since the last email? I published a bit more advice:

Lightning Round
Got a few more questions. (If you too have an inquiry burning a hole in yourpocket — that’s where everyone keeps their inquiries, naturally — send it in[].) From leisure to romance to DIY intellectu…
Want some? AMA.

I also amassed a few links to share, per usual, but honestly it's been kind of a downer week and I'm not in the mood to write chipper summaries, so I'll save them until next time.

Talk soon.