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Welcome 2 the party. Agree to disagree about the fruit from the tree, and where it might lead if you steal all the seed. Oh no, is the punch too weak? 😱
Agree to disagree 'cause you've said and you've seen more than you meant, since you've been where you've been.
Agree to disagree for the sake of industry, and manufacturing a more perfect machine. Coordination station; you don't even have to leave! It's paradise, baby.
Agree to disagree in cynical hues. You'll escape if you flee and go where you choose. Agree to disagree? It's all mystery to me.
Agree to disagree for the sake of growing young. Was it prophecy that "blondes have all the fun"?
Agree to disagree or you'll stumble when you see what a rumble they got started after you and I departed.
Agree to disagree but do it leisurely. Vulgar exertation? [sic] Well, better you than me!
Agree to disagree but you'd better let me be. I've met all the charmers, the alarming and the harmless, and none talked me out of the need to be me.
Agree to disagree with the ways we ought not be, please... You'd climb up to nirvana if that were what you wanted.
Agree to disagree, through shore and sky and sea, with more mist in your eyes than sand beneath your feet.