See subject line. As usual, I'll start with the ones that involve me:

  • Gift memberships are now available! I feel silly announcing this after Christmas rather than before, but so it goes. Maybe ur fave has a birthday coming up? Also, I updated the membership page for 2021.
  • Timothy Wilcox and I podcasted about the book Hell's Angels by Hunter S. Thompson and the movie Bonnie & Clyde, both of which came out in 1967, sharing themes of news-mediated "reality" and fraught masculine frustration:
  • Relatedly, Tim and Grant Dever compared and contrasted Life of Pi and Donnie Darko, both products of 2001 that were first received and interpreted in the weird, anxiety-ridden atmosphere immediately post-9/11. I enjoyed their conversation:
  • Another podcast! Henry Zhu and I discussed my return to Christianity, winding our way through auxiliary topics such as "doubt and spiritual malaise, the phenomenology of faith, fractal reality, happeningness." There's a transcript at the link, if you're like me and prefer reading to listening.

Assorted reading:

Lastly, this tweet made me happy:

Kbye. Talk soon!

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