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Saturday, October 5, 2019

I will privately analyze and record analysis of your DotA 2 replays.
I am a 6k player and I love to teach. It's a great way for me to learn. I also want to maintain a positive and talented playerbase!
Only .1 ZEC per game. Please include match ID with payment. If you'd rather my analysis videos be shared publicly, that's fine too, lmk. Turnaround will be ~24 hrs.
Reply to: zs1q4jdaenhv5pdn4uqn86qekt7j2dch66uuszyp05ywne8z7yh56dhqjekpqle72skfl8ycd86ew4

I'll admit that I didn't know such services existed, although I suppose it isn't surprising! Until it gets annoying (and we're nowhere near that volume), I support people using z2z Public Messages to advertise to the Zcash ecosystem!

Monday, October 7, 2019

'sup sonya it's greg! Wanted to finally try out zcash (and be memorialized on your website).
I wonder if ユニコード works properly in shielded memos.
I also noticed that ZecWallet never asked me for a password. Does that mean that the cryptographic secrets associated with this wallet are stored in plaintext on my drive
Clicking "Include Reply Address" does this:
Reply to: zs1pstesdew0mlvpqk9p9ul2xz8h9z842urra9v8m4nl8ptg8aecq4czm707wyhc4a6lahpzfrc28n

Hello Greg! What a delight! Thank you for giving Zcash a spin. For anyone else who was curious: "ユニコード" means "Unicode" in Japanese. Also, FYI, Greg is a flesh-and-blood friend of mine, which is a vaguely ominous way of saying that we hang out frequently.

Regarding your question, I have a handy answer from the ZecWallet FAQ:

No, wallet encryption is currently disabled by zcashd. You should use full-disk encryption (or encryption of your home directory) to protect your wallet.dat file at rest, and should assume (even unprivileged) users who are running on your OS can read your wallet.dat file.