No nonsense today, I gotta stockpile it for future purposes πŸ˜‰

Two IRL events in the next two weeks:

Normally these gatherings happen before I get a chance to put them in the newsletter. Luckily the timing lined up for this edition β€” Interintellect founder and sagacious beauty Anna Gat will be in town for the SF meetup on the 27th! Locals, put it on your calendar.

Speaking of which, Interintellect hosting is self-service! Give it a whirl.

Also self-service: "Agora is a project that allows anyone to sell files on the web for bitcoin using the Lightning Network. Everything on this site is served by an Agora instance run by the Agora developers. Agora is free and open source, so anyone can run their own Agora instance." The code is on GitHub.

Christmas shopping for the world's edgiest shirts? Apologies Ltd gotcha covered πŸ‘

Passage Prize is a lit + art contest, $15k prize pool, deadline 1/1/2022, brought to you by blackpill luminaries Zero HP Lovecraft, Curtis Yarvin, L0m3z, and Gio Pennacchietti. If you don't already recognize their names, you might be scandalized by those gentlemen. Unless the Apologies Ltd shirts didn't faze you, then I bet you'll be fine.

Header illustration by Luiz Marcelo Resende.


Members, ICYMI: 9 happy mail PDFs for your perusal / archiving as desired.

Also, with decidedly more whimper than bang, I shared my Godpost draft on Twitter.

Meanwhile, other people:


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